Tour de France - Stage 6: Pierre Latour 2nd - Equipe cycliste AG2R La Mondiale

Tour de France – Stage 6: Pierre Latour 2nd

PIERRE LATOUR:"I was not missing much"

"I was not missing too much. We figured that if we arrived at the bottom of the climb well placed with either
Alexis (Vuillermoz) or me, and if Romain (Bardet) was not in any trouble, then we would go for it. And I thought that was indeed the case at the bottom of the climb. I made an effort with a little more than a kilometer to go to the finish. Then Dan (Martin) attacked. And when I saw that, I accelerated at the same time as Richie (Porte); I told myself this was the time to go. But the wind gusted from the right, and I was glued to the barriers. So I was missing a little. Romain lost 30 seconds today. That’s a pain, but it's not a huge amount of time over three weeks.
We will catch it back later."

ROMAIN BARDET : "The hazards of sport"

"My rear wheel broke. I had to change my bike with Tony (Gallopin) three kilometers from the finish. And so the effort to do that just killed me for the Mur. It’s never a good thing to concede time like that. The whole pack was rolling very fast when I had my problem. But of course these are just the hazards of sport. Apart from that, everything's fine. There are always twists and turns at the Tour de France. Today luck was simply not on our side.”ROMAIN BARDET