Tour de France (20th stage) : Romain Bardet, 6th overall - Equipe cycliste AG2R La Mondiale

Tour de France (20th stage) : Romain Bardet, 6th overall


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ROMAIN BARDET : "All-out time trial"

22nd for the stage (+1'56’’)
6th overall (+6’57’’)

"Unlike other years, there was less stake on this penultimate day. I decided to do this chrono all-out. I'm happy to finish it this way. Last year, I was fighting for the yellow jersey.
Today, I used my experience to step back and approach things in another way. After two successive podiums, I knew really nothing was to be gained today. But that’s not cycling; it’s just not that simple. I am happy with my mindset. The body responded, now it is time to figure out how to do better.
I think I have been progressing the whole season, but I realize that this has not been reflected in this Tour. That’s the paradox of this edition."



PIERRE LATOUR :"Happy to complete my collection"

27th for the stage (+2’06’’)
13th overall (+22’13’’)

"I have accumulated jerseys for best young rider in many stage races, but I was missing the one from the Tour de France.
I am happy to complete my collection. It was not the number one goal at the start, but it's a big satisfaction to finish like this.
I did not manage to stay with the best in the final of the biggest stages, I was always in the second group. This was my third Grand Tour, and it's the first time I can finish unscathed.
I still remember last year when I left a puddle of myself on the road, so today I did not want to take any risks."PIERRE LATOUR

Vincent LAVENU :"A good balance sheet"

"We did come looking for something more. We had a legitimate ambition with regard to what we had accomplished in previous years. Romain was ambitious, the team put together everything we could to reach our dream. In spite of the events that have worked against us, Romain (Bardet) is sixth in the overall standings! His courage, his intelligence, and his tenacity allowed Romain to finish this way. It's not anecdotal.
And that’s in addition to our first white jersey in 27 years with Pierre Latour.
This shows the total class that Pierre has, and his full capabilities for this type of race. The overall result is good, and I am proud of our leaders and the whole team. In the face of adversity, we showed solidarity. I also want to salute the work of the staff, all together we had a great Tour de France." VINCENT LAVENU



Baring any accident, Pierre Latour should finish as the best young rider of the Tour de France.
The AG2R LA MONDIALE team has never won this ranking, though it has been in the peloton since 1992.


Romain Bardet has finished five times in the top ten. Sixth in 2014 and 2018, he also finished 9th in 2015, 2nd in 2016 and 3rd last year.