Tour de France (10th stage): Pierre Latour the best young rider - Equipe cycliste AG2R La Mondiale

Tour de France (10th stage): Pierre Latour the best young rider

PIERRE LATOUR :""Glad to have stayed with Romain""

22nd on the stage (+ 3'23 '')
25th in the GC (+ 10'59 '')
“It's always nice to get the white jersey for the best young rider. Beyond that, I am pleased to have stayed with Romain until the end of the stage. There are still big days waiting for us, the road is still long. Today, our goal was to put some notches in the mountains. It is always difficult to know how the body will react after a rest day. It was really fast, we saw some favorites crack on the Colombière. I think it's a good day for the AG2R LA MONDIALE team. It gives us even more morale.”

ROMAIN BARDET : "A good day back in the saddle"

11th on the stage (+ 3'23 '')
14th in the GC (+ 4'11 '')
"The headwind at the end calmed everyone's ambitions a little. I am glad to have been among the best, along with Pierre (Latour), we are all working very well together. We were just keeping an eye on the developments and on the lookout. The Tour is still very long; this is the biggest race in the world, so we must be a bit humble. It was overall a good day to get back on the bike in the mountains.”ROMAIN BARDET


Axel Domont to be operated on

Axel Domont, having suffered a crash during the 4th stage of the Tour, will have an operation on the fracture of his right clavicle on Thursday in Grenoble. The operation will be performed by Dr. Chaussard Alexis Vuillermoz who crashed during the ninth stage of the Tour de France underwent "a CT scan that confirmed a multi-fragmented fracture of the right scapula," explained Dr. Bouvat.