Romain Bardet unavailable for two weeks - Equipe cycliste AG2R La Mondiale

Romain Bardet unavailable for two weeks

Romain Bardet was the victim of an accident at his home on Sunday, February 4 in Vence (Alpes Maritimes / French Riviera).

He suffered a cut, and a small muscle injury on his left forearm that required stitches, and for which he must wear a splint for two weeks, according to Dr. Eric Bouvat, medical manager of the AG2R LA MONDIALE team.

“It’s never nice to get hurt, especially at home. It’s annoying, but it’s just a small setback. We are only at the beginning of February, I have trained very well since my break in November, and I have clocked up 6,000 kilometers since then.
The GP La Marseillaise (8th) confirmed my good feelings. It’s just a shame; when the team, like Tony Gallopin in Béssèges, is very successful, to have to slow down my own preparation a little is annoying.
My injury is more embarrassing than serious, and I will continue to keep up my training before returning to competition very quickly.” Romain Bardet