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March 28, 1980. It’s the day Eddy Merckx launched his own bike factory in Meise, nearby Brussels.
July 6, 2019. Eddy Merckx is ready to race and back at the start of the Tour de France. Not as a person, but as the AG2R La Mondiale team race bike. Eddy himself gives the starting shot of ‘Le Grand Départ’ in Brussels. In the hope of Romain Bardet being able to perform superbly in the Yellow Jersey as an ultimate tribute to Eddy’s 50st birthday of his first Tour the France victory.


Eddy Merckx builds race bikes for cyclists who dare to step outside the box. For those with a strong personality, who strive to be truly unique. The DNA of these unique racing bikes stems from the most unique cyclist of all time: Eddy Merckx. His track record, his 525 victories, his personality, his perseverance, his authenticity and his endearing benevolence. These are the elements that define the “extraordinary” in every Eddy Merckx racing bike.

Modern Heritage Design

Eddy Merckx bike designs will be discrete and modest, while remaining unique and powerful. Every bike fully radiates this unique design concept because it has incorporated a Belgian Design statement Eddy Merckx fondly refers to as ‘Modern Heritage’.
They extended this philosophy to the design of the AG2R La Mondiale 525 team bike; “Less is more” together with striking team colors on a classy matte bike frame.

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