Interview of Julien Duval : "We should stay at home" - Equipe cycliste AG2R La Mondiale

Interview of Julien Duval : “We should stay at home”

Being aware that the situation goes beyond sport and cycling, Julien Duval shares his daily life routine in a lockdown situation.

Where are you right now ?

I’m at home, in Chambéry.

How do you cope with this situation?

We have to be patient. We have to follow our government’ instructions. Yes, it’s a bit frustrating as we have good weather conditions. But we have to stay at home and keep our fitness level.

The season will start again, we know it but when ? That’s the question.

What message would you like to share today ?

Stay at home ! If we want to race again, we have to stay at home but also to help the French and World economies to start again as soon as possible.

With any concrete goals for now, what are your motivations ?

My main motivation is to think that the season will be back. However, it will be more difficult to train if someone tells me that the season will start in september.

How do you train today?

We won’t be able to take some days off anymore until the end of season. So I took some time to rest by training less. That was the plan for the first week.

We have increased our workload since while we’re waiting for the decisions for the coming weeks.

How do you spend your time ?

My days are quite simple. I wake up and have my breakfast. At 10h30-11H, I do a 1h-1h30 ride on home trainer with my teammates. We have created a group on a virtual training platform. We have a sort of social life as we can « ride together » and communicate. Days go by fast. Then I do a fitness session in the afternoon.

Have you discovered a new activity ?

Not necessarily but I take english lessons on Internet. It’s an opportunity to learn fast and invest my time during these days.