Victory for Alexandre Geniez on the G.P. La Marseillaise - Equipe cycliste AG2R La Mondiale

Victory for Alexandre Geniez on the G.P. La Marseillaise

The 2018 season started well with the victory today of Alexandre Geniez on the Grand Prix La Marseillaise !



“Today I especially want to remember the amazing team. From now on, we are seven guys on the start line, and every element of the team is important! Everyone played his part today, we didn’t miss a thing. Everything worked well. Romain (Bardet) did a huge job of work in the last kilometre and put me in the perfect position with 250 meters to go. It was ideal. I have started the season very well, and that’s not only satisfying but reassuring too.I am happy to win this event in particular since the AG2R LA MONDIALE team has not won it in a long time. Now, we must take this momentum into the next races and not fall asleep ahead of what it to come!”

“We all had fun today! We saw we have a good team, we had a surplus of riders in the final, and we took the opportunity to win. It is a perfect way to start the season. I am glad to have pinned on a bib, and to have had the feeling already of being at the front of the race. We were tested and we answered well. I knew that Alex (Geniez) was one of the fastest, and so we simply had to play the best option for the team.”

“It was my first race with the AG2R LA MONDIALE jersey, and we immediately found the right rhythm together. With Romain and Alex in the end, we did not need to talk to each other. Everything was done automatically. I had a lot of fun riding today. I’m happy with my form, it’s the ideal condition for now. It gives me confidence for the future.”

THE NEWS :Since the victory of Marco Saligari in 1998 (then under the colours Casino), no member of the AG2R LA MONDIALE team had won at the Grand Prix de la Marseillaise.


Photo credit : @Fred Machabert / YP Medias