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Chambery Cyclisme Formation

Chambéry Cyclisme Formation

Romain Bardet, Julien Bérard, François Bidard, Guillaume Bonnafond, Nico Denz, Axel Domont, Ben Gastauer and Pierre Latour are just eight of the thirty AG2R LA MONDIALE team members to have risen through the ranks of Chambéry Cyclisme Formation.

Since 2006, 13 CCF racers have joined the team, living proof of the advantages of a system that offers such a comprehensive training programme. From health protection to end-of-career reconversion, racers are well equipped to make a success of their pro cycling career whilst continuing their studies.

You get a real sense of osmosis between the CCF’s ‘old boys’ – all trained according to the ethical principles we defend – when they join the professional team. A great example is Romain Bardet, 9th in the last Tour de France and a business and management student. This solidarity comes through during the races at key moments when you have to make a sacrifice for your colleagues. It is a source of great pride for us and a fine reward for Loïc Varnet, CCF director, and for his team who have defended and pushed forward a remarkable project against all odds.

Chambéry Cyclisme Formation

211 Chemin des écureuils 73000 CHAMBERY
Loïc VARNET - Directeur - Tel : +33



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