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TDF - Stt12 : Romain Bardet still in white

Alexander Kristoff won in a sprint the stage 12 of the Tour de France. One more Top 10 for Samuel Dumoulin who finished 9th. Still wearing the white jersey of best young rider, Romain Bardet was almost at home today and after the race, he has wished to

TDF - Great collective performance

The Team AG2R LA MONDIALE carried out a great 10th stage. Already victorious in Gerardmer with Blel Kadri, the team of Vincent Lavenu continues its momentum with a collective shot at the top of the “Planche des Belles Filles”. The stage started well with Christophe Riblon who is back in shape and who was present in the breakaway. The escapees have finally been caught by the favorites’ group including the two leaders of the “heaven and earth”.  Upon arrival, Jean-Christophe Péraud takes an excellent 4th place just ahead Romain Bardet who pull on the white jersey of best young rider (4th overall). Jean-Christophe joined the Top 10 with a 8th rank overall.
Demonstration of  the excellence of its collective, the team AG2R LA MONDIALE won the stage in the team standings and leads the overall classification!

Romain Bardet said after he crossed the finish line:“It was a difficult stage. You had to be mobilized throughout the race. I was very cold at the top of a climb and I was close to hypoglycemia. Fortunately, all my teammates came to pass me up some food and to pick me up when the pace was brisk. I was not well at this time but I have been able to improve my shape. I saw that my feelings were good in the col des Chevrères. I was glad to be with Jean-Christophe in final kilometers. I was a bit timorous on the last ledge because I think I was able to follow Thibaut (Pinot). I still have some problems to make the right decisions in the final moments. I see that I’m in a good shape and I’m a bit tired to follow, I want to go on the offensive!”

Jean-Christophe Péraud said :"Feelings were still good today. It was a new observation round. I’m in a very good shape and I hope to do beautiful things in the coming days. "

TDF - St9: Cherel and Montaguti at the front

Tony Martin won today the 9th stage of the Tour de France. Matteo Montaguti and Mikael Cherel were both present in the daily breakaway. Matteo takes a very good 5th place while Mikael crossed the finish line in 8th position. The team AG2R LA MONDIALE is now 3rd on the overall team standings.

Mikael Cherel, victim of a crash on first days of the Tour de France, seems to feel better and better. He told us: “That’s great to be back at the front of the race even if we didn’t fight for the stage win behind an impressive Tony Martin. My main objective today was to stay alongside Romain (Bardet) and Jean-Christophe (Péraud) but I know that I can have some freedom if the race is tough. Romain and Toff (Riblon) encouraged me to break away. That was when I thought I might have a small chance to do something good today. The good news is that we gain a few places in the overall team standings, an objective that is dear to our hearts.”

TDF - St7 : many crashes

Today’s stage from Epernay to Nancy has once again been marked by several crashes. Fortunately, the team AG2R LA MONDIALE didn’t have to suffer of these falls.
Romain Bardet finished 15th in a stage won in a sprint by Matteo Trentin. He’s 10th overall. Jean-Christophe Péraud continues to gain few places in the overall classification in which he ranks 21st.

Romain Bardet said after he crossed the finish line :«Many crashes went to show that the peloton was really tense today, and I was close to fall again. Everyone thinks he has a chance to win this kind of stage and that's why that’s as the jungle inside the pack. It was certainly the last opportunity to win this week for many riders and they fight with all their energy. I think that all contenders for the overall standings are more afraid of a stressful stage as today than a mountain stage. It takes a lot of commitment and even if you ride well throughout the day, no one is safe from a crash or a split in the final kilometers, danger is everywhere. Tomorrow, another race begins in the Vosges!”

TDF - Great 3rd place for Samuel Dumoulin

Andre Greipel  won the 6th stage in a sprint in Reims. Samuel Dumoulin took an excellent 3rd place. He said after he crossed the finish line: “Today, I benefited from falls, wind and a pretty difficult finish. We were all physically worn. We were four riders of the team in front with our captain, Sébastien Minard and Jicé (Péraud) and Romain (Bardet). We remained well grouped and we withstood when there has been acceleration with crosswind.  I helped Romain 10 kilometers from the finish when he was close to split because of wind and we worked in order to make him come back into the pack. Then, I was focused on my sprint. This morning, Christophe Riblon showed me the final of this stage in 2010 and it provided good indications about bends. Three kilometers from the finish line I was not well-positioned but I kept my speed up in the last bend and I found myself just behind the wheel of Kristoff. I’m close to the 2nd place but for victory, I don’t pretend to defeat Greipel! It’s been a while since I obtained such a good result and this is a great 3rd place. We did a great collective work by avoiding to our leaders to be present in splits. We can say that the team AG2R LA MONDIALE  started well this Tour de France.”

The day was marked by many falls including the minor fall of Romain Bardet. The rider of the team AG2R LA MONDIALE suffered bruises at the back, hip and left knee as well as superficial wounds. He said: “I crashed around hundred kilometers from the finish. The road was quite slippery, riders crashed in front of me and I was not able to avoid them. You can safely finish a tricky stage as yesterday and to make a mistake on a quieter stage as today ! This is the case in the Tour de France and I have a good team around me to make me well-positioned every time.
I crashed hard but my priority was to get up as soon as possible on the bike to quickly go back to the peloton. Tonight, it could be a bit painful but I have full confidence in the team’s staff to get me back on my feet for tomorrow and especially for next week-end in the Vosges.”

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