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A support system to target better performance

Nicolas Guillé, a member of the Performance Division for the AG2R LA MONDIALE team, explains his role when accompanying certain riders.

Nicolas Guillé lives in Nantes in western France not far from the Atlantic coast. Pierre Latour lives in Romans sur Isère, in southeastern France. About 780 kilometers separate the two men. The coach Guillé explains: “I work with athletes who are spread all over France, and so it is not necessarily easy to meet.”

This season, the AG2R LA MONDIALE team set up a support system for certain riders, and Latour, who became the French Time Trial Champion in June, was among those riders included. “We work outside the framework of a classic training camp. So I was able to go visit him, and to work with the rider one-on-one for several days.”

Guillé explains the many goals that this customization has when working with the riders: “It allows me the chance to understand the environment, to discover his regular training routes, and also become acquainted with his daily habits, the family environment, and so forth…”

Pierre Latour (24 years old), has collaborated with Nicolas Guillé since he joined the professional ranks in 2015. Having won a stage at the 2016 Vuelta, Latour has been awarded the status of leader at certain events this season. So this support helps to target the rider’s best expectations more effectively: "We can work over the phone and by email as well, but being present on site makes it possible to accomplish much more. It also helps us adapt the training optimally, and to get closer to the expectations of a rider…”

This personalized support will be repeated in the 2018 season.

Working with the rider on an individual basis helps everyone to understand his expectations and his needs more effectively. It is a first step towards improved performance.

©Jean-Louis Carli
©Yves Perret Médias

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