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A First Look at Performance

Since the beginning of the 2014 season, the AG2R LA MONDIALE team has been working with the Bollé eyewear company, an expert in corrective lenses for sports applications.

Having finished the season on October 4th with 14,551 racing kilometers, Oliver Naesen accumulated the most kilometers of racing of any AG2R LA MONDIALE rider in 2017. Add to that his hours training, and the number would quickly climb to 30,000 kilometers for the entire year. Riding in the rain, hail, cold, sometimes snow and often scorching temperatures, the professional peloton must travel the planet from January to October.

The entire body is subjected to the severest tests, and the eyes are not spared. And riders like Cyril Gautier, Clément Chevrier, Benoît Cosnefroy and Axel Domont who must wear corrective lenses face additional challenges. “To be honest, I started wearing corrective lenses only in the early days of the partnership between Bollé and the team in 2014. So, it’s still fairly new for me. But it has changed my life. I realized that before I had these lenses, I never really saw much in a race!” said Domont, who participated in the most recent Tour de France. 

Emmanuel Hannebicque is Global RX Manager at Bollé, which is to say, in charge of "everything that relates to the prescription." He talks about his work in manufacturing the corrective lenses: “Andrea Cappelletti (the sponsoring manager) will give me the prescriptions for each athlete, and the pupillary gap, which is a bit like a shoe size! This allows me to work precisely, and offer glasses specific for cycling that are almost similar to ophthalmic glasses.”

For the past six years, Bollé has also been involved in mountain sports, offering corrective lenses that are completely integrated into the glasses: “This makes it possible to reduce the risk of fogging, in particular. Before the only solution was to clip in an extra lens. Even if this solution is always an option because it is less expensive, it is not ideal for a cyclist.”
Hannebicque also acknowledges the importance of choosing the right pair of glasses on the morning of a race:“We offer photochromic lenses that change tint according to the to weather, such as our Clear Gray model that can change from transparent to dark gray. We also have fixed tints that are more suitable for the brightness of the summer.”

By choosing the right pair of Bollé glasses, the eyes will be less stressed during the race days (which last between 4 and 7 hours): "And this saves the rider’s energy in addition to being beneficial by helping the rider to see clearly at key moments of the race."

Sometimes performance can also be improved with a look.


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