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Monitoring science and technology

Decrypting and analyzing before the performance.

Jean-Baptiste Quiclet, Director of Performance, is surrounded by three coaches who are also experts in their particular well-defined fields.

Samuel Bellenoue, a former elite duathlete and a student/researcher at the University of Lausanne, is responsible for monitoring advancements in science and technology.

Bellenoue, who comes from the Franche-Comté region of France, explains the type of work he has been doing with the AG2R LA MONDIALE team the past two years: “I keep an eye on what advancements other endurance sports are making, and deciding which can be carried over to cycling, and I also keep track of what other teams are doing…”

In a professional sport where every detail makes a difference and where results can be decided by a few hundredths of a second, monitoring the evolution of sports science allows the team to remain alert with regards to the development of training methods: “I review scientific articles and watch media reports tackling the problems of endurance training.”

Bellenoue is also studying the effects of altitude training, and explains: “A few months ago an article was published claiming that hypoxia through altitude training did not work, and that it was actually harmful to the athlete. But taking time to analyze the situation, it turned out that the study was conducted at high altitudes approaching 4000 meters. Considering that, there is nothing surprising in their conclusion.” 

In a world dominated by social networks, information flows constantly. And that is something that involves risks:"Young riders are all on social media. Very easily they can come across an article that boasts the merits of this or that revolutionary method of training. I am here to try to introduce the legitimate science and to dismiss those findings that are not viable.”

Taking the time to analyze each new data is one of the keys to aiming even higher.

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