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Rudy Barbier s'impose au sprint sur Paris-Bourges / R.Barbier won in a bunch sprint on Paris-Bourges
©Lydia Descloux
Tre Valli Varesine : Nouvelle victoire pour Alexandre Geniez / A new victory for A.Geniez
Champion du monde Espoirs, merci Benoît !!! / U23 World Champion, thanks Benoît !!!
TDF 2017 : bravo Romain Bardet !

All year long, we will introduce you the persons that count in performance.

Technical, physical, tactical, psychological, nutritional, logistical, communal: not one of these domains can tolerate an “almost” or “close enough” attitude. Coaches have their oft-used refrain: “The details make the difference.” And it must be understood that these details not only need to be known but anticipated.

For AG2R LA MONDIALE PRO CYCLING TEAM, nothing is a matter of chance.

Every detail that can improve performance is studied, peeled back, and optimized. Every member of the team contributes expertise and experience to perfect the smallest feature. The staff’s mission is to facilitate, to the minutest detail, the conditions required for high performance.

Of course, those unexpected, accidental moments, which are indeed at the heart of the emotions that makes cycling so compelling for the fans, are also part of the variants that a racer needs to learn to master as well. If certain events are out of your control, you must learn how to manage them. Consequently, mental preparation is an essential link to the overall performance.

Sport is defined by uncertainty, and therefore the ability to adapt is also intrinsic. Beyond flawless training practices measured to the millimeter, the strength of the riders of the AG2R LA MONDIALE cycling team lies in their ability to use their instincts to work with the vagaries of a race situation, and transform uncertainty into a victory.

See you on march for the first profile description of a staff member!

Photos: Jean-Louis Carli

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