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The VIVONS VÉLO program

VIVONS VÉLO: cycling for health, wellbeing and pleasure for all!

At AG2R LA MONDIALE, cycling has been an ongoing love story since 1997, thanks to Vincent Lavenu’s cycling team… but not only! Whether just for going to work, a Sunday outing or a more sporty session, we love all forms of cycling.

And this is why in 2015 we launched the VIVONS VÉLO programme. The objective is to encourage all French people, young and old alike, to take up cycling or simply get back in the saddle.

VIVONS VÉLO is a free mobile app for cycling outings, bringing together a community offering health advice and a solidarity-based programme to collect donations for Institut Pasteur.

For Yvon Breton, Deputy Managing Director of AG2R LA MONDIALE: ‘As an insurer of people and the 4th biggest on the market for health, we are very committed to health protection for our 15 million members and we know how important sport is for keeping fit. With our VIVONS VÉLO programme, we want to encourage  positive cycling experiences using the advice of cycling health experts and the riders from our pro cycling team, ‘France’s favourite team’.

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