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VIVONS VÉLO is about pedalling for your own health and that of others thanks to the ROULONS SOLIDAIRES counter.

Each kilometre covered with the mobile app or at VIVONS VÉLO events is converted into donations to Institut Pasteur.

In 2015, together we covered the equivalent of €40,000. And on February 1st we zeroed the counter for another year hoping for a very colourful 2016!

10km = €1 for Institut Pasteur

During specific events (VIVONS VÉLO meetings): 1km = €1


Why Roulons Solidaires?

As a socially engaged Group, AG2R LA MONDIALE was the pioneer of dependent insurance in France. Thus, Roulons Solidaires allows us to support Institut Pasteur’s research into neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.) which lead to dependence during old age.


Yvon Breton, Deputy Managing Director of AG2R LA MONDIALE:‘Roulons Solidaires is intended as a reflection of our values of performance and solidarity which have always been the leitmotiv of AG2R LA MONDIALE. This humanitarian, participative initiative goes beyond the Group’s commitment to sports sponsoring: it is totally connected to our social activities. It is an effective, fun way of contributing to the fight against the loss of autonomy, a phenomenon that AG2R LA MONDIALE has held close to its heart for almost 30 years; indeed it was a pioneer in the field of dependence insurance in France. It’s a great illustration of our baseline, ‘the opposite of all alone’. 

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